Helpful Tips

A few helpful hints to present your home to potential buyers.

Real Estate Tips For Selling A Home

Tip No.1

First impressions count!

Keep the front of your house clean, neat and tidy – lawns should be trimmed, flower beds tended and free of rubbish and clutter. In bad weather, be sure that pathways and steps are free from snow, ice and wet leaves. Keep the driveway clear and the gates open. Leave room to park. Make your home look inviting and welcoming to a potential buyer.

Tips For Selling Your Home
Real Estate Tips For Selling A Home
Tip No.2

A sparkle and shine may look fine..

But, if it’s too artificial, buyers may wonder why. But do tidy up any peeling wallpaper and damaged paintwork, door handles, coat hooks and the like. Full redecoration before selling is unnecessary but a little thought about presentation will help – a quicker sale or a better price could be the result. And please, clean the windows.

Tip No.3

Fix that tap…

And replace broken lightbulbs. On their own, these things may not seem important but you do want viewers to feel that your house has been well cared for. If you let them see that they have let the little things go, they may wonder about the bigger things.

Tips For Selling A Property
Top Tips For Selling Home
Tip No.4

Pets should be neither seen nor heard…

Keep them quiet or, better still, out of the house altogether when potential buyers call.

Tip No.5

Safety First

Always keep halls and staircases clear. A toy left lying on the stairs can upset the buyer – and the sale!

Tips For Selling Your Home As Is
Cleaning Tips For Selling Your Home
Tip No.6

Kitchens count…

Perhaps more than any other room in the house. A well- ordered kitchen with neat, clean cupboards adds appeal. Keep on top of the washing up.

Tip No.7

See the light..

Keep a warm, welcoming light shining at night – leave the porch or the hall light on. Make sure the house number or name can be seen from the road. And if you have a bell, make sure it works.

Tips For Selling Your Home While Living In It
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Tip No.8

On view

In general viewers feel more relaxed viewing the house when the owners are not around, many owners feel likewise and end up walking the dog!

Tip No.9

Music is the food of love..

But it doesn’t help when showing people around your house. Turn off the radio, record player and the television. Make sure there are no distractions or disturbances.

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Tip No.10

Space it out

Show the full size and value of your storage space by keeping cupboards, basements and attics tidy. Throw out unwanted rubbish – you’ll be doing so when you move anyway.

Tip No.11

And finally, bright bathrooms help sales!

Keep your bathroom clean, tidy, fresh and bright.

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